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He's that guy.

Updated: Apr 9

You saw him last week doing a Trump impersonation. It went viral.

J-L Cauvin, former assistant District Attorney in the Bronx, ex-big law firm lawyer, current full time comedian has been featured on The Late Late Show,  NESN Comedy All Stars, Comics Unleashed, ESPN’s The Dan Lebatard Show and is a regular on The Adam Carolla Show.  J-L now travels the country performing in America’s most prestigious (and non-prestigious) comedy clubs.   He has made a name for himself within comedy for his  blog which offers a one-of-a-kind insider honesty about the business and his sketch/impression videos.

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And he graduated from Williams College (that's how we know him). You can learn more about J-L on his website.

He will join us on Zoom for his first ever virtual stand up on Thursday, April 16

th at 7 pm EDT.

We'll have a some laughs and a bit of chit chat after the performance.

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We'll send you a link to the Zoom session with J-L. Log on to your computer 15 minutes in advance. Stir up a quarantea or quarantini enjoy the show!

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