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Updated: May 10

Let's ZOOM in for an all-star panel and FLIP THE SENATE...Together!

An Insiders' Scoop on Flipping the Senate: Who's running, Why it mattersand what we can do to turn Washington BLUE in November.

A close neighbor from Vermont, Howard Dean served as that state’s Governor (1991-2003) as well as Chair of the Democratic National Committee (2005-2009). He is no stranger to the way we’ve built our community connections—as the pioneer of grassroots organizing and internet-based fundraising in the 2004 presidential election. Dean is credited for creating the 50 State Strategy that was successful in the 2006 midterm election and adopted by Barack Obama in 2008.

Also no stranger to the Berkshires, Senator Chris Murphy is a Williams College alum currently serving as Connecticut’s junior Senator since 2013. You’ll recognize Chris as the Senator who stepped up after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook in 2012 to become one of the leading proponents of commonsense gun reform, championing a number of bipartisan bills aimed at expanding background checks and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.

We're thrilled to welcome them both.

They'll join us on Zoom along with our moderators—Jim Mahon​, Williams College Professor of Political Science & Ali​ ​Benjamin​, Greylock Together’s National Book Award Finalist and Activist on Thursday, May 14 at 7:00 pm.

To join in the conversation, register and donate. Then, look for an email from ActBlue

with a ZOOM LINK and RECEIPT. (Didn't see it? Check your inbox/promotions/spam folder.)

Log on to your computer 15 minutes in advance.

**We will send you an email reminder on the day of the event too.

Breaking news—the first $5600 that we raise will be MATCHED by a generous local donor who is determined to turn Washington BLUE. Let’s double our giving power—jump in early!


Thanks to our friends from the Williamstown Democratic Town Committee who helped with outreach and organization. We're grateful for our partners at Force Multiplier who are working with us to flip 5 seats to ensure we have a Democratic majority in the Senate.

Our best opportunities are in Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Montana, and North Carolina. In states where primaries have not yet been held, we’re using Act Blue’s Nominee Funds, which will ensure your dollars will go to the eventual Democratic Senate challenger:

Colorado – nominee to be identified

Iowa – nominee to be identified

Maine – nominee to be identified (we want to unseat Susan Collins)

Montana – Steve Bullock

North Carolina – Cal Cunningham


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